Universal Human Values (UHV) Cell


“Education is fundamental for achieving full human potential, developing an equitable and just society, and promoting national development.”- NEP 2020.

As per the guidelines of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, SLIET has constituted a Universal Human Values (UHV) Cell on August 7, 2020 with the aim to inculcate human values amongst students.

To impart value based education to the students, UHV cell conducts Students Induction Programs (SIP, Deeksharambh) for the newly admitted UG students every year in the beginning of their academic program. In addition, UHV Cell also intends to conduct various seminar/lectures on Human Values from time to time.

The institute has adopted AICTE’s Model Curriculum of UHV and offers mandatory courses on UHV to the UG students. One course on “Universal Human Values-1” is introduced to the UG students as a part of their induction program and another 3 credit mandatory course (MCUG-501) on “Universal Human Values-2: Understanding Harmony” is offered in 3rd/4th semester of their academic program as per the decision of 34th Senate meeting.



  1. To help the student to see the need for developing a holistic perspective of life.
  2. To sensitise the students about the scope of life – individual, family (inter-personal relationship), society and nature/existence -strengthening self reflection.
  3. To develop more confidence and commitment to understand, learn and act accordingly.
  4. To help the student appreciate the essential complimentarily between ‘VALUES’ and SKILLS’ to ensure sustained happiness and prosperity which are the core aspirations of all human beings.
  5. To facilitate the development of a holistic perspective among students towards life and profession as well as towards happiness and prosperity based on a correct understanding Human reality and the rest of existence.
Contact Information
Co-Ordinator Dr. Kamlesh Kumari, Prof. (Chem. Engg.) (+918289012315)
Co – coordinator UHV Cell Dr. Tajinder Singh, AP (CSE) (+916283963279)


Co-Ordinator & Member



Dr. Rajeev Bagoria, AP (Chemistry) (+917988326812)
Er. Jaspal Singh, AP(CSE) (+919876699245)
Er. Kuldeep Singh, AP(ECE) (+919041536718)
Er. Barasha Mali, AP(EIE) (+918146103624)
Dr. Navdeep Jindal, ASP(FT) (+919815982026)
Dr. P.K. Dhiman, Prof. (M&H) (+919417086055)
Dr. Manoj Goyal, ASP(ME) (+919815980322)
Dr. Prabhdeep Kaur, AP(Physics) (+919781023110)
Dr. H. R. Ghatak, Prof. (ChE) (+919478392298)
Dr. Sudhir Kumar, AP (Mathematics) (+919634314832)
Dr. P. K. Dhiman, Prof (M&H) (+919417086055)


UHV Syllabus


Notifications/Office Orders

Office Order regarding additional duties of Coordinator to Dr. Kamlesh Kumari (Prof. Chem. Engg.)

Orientation program for newly admitted PG students in the session 2020-21 through online mode

Circular regarding assigning of Additional duties of Coordinator as well as Departmental Coordinator & Member of UHV Cell

Office Order regarding setting up Universal Human Values Cell



FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM On August 01-03, 2023 “Universal Human Values” (August 01-03, 2023)


Besides preparing faculty for teaching UHV-I (part of 3 weeks Mandatory SIP) & UHV-II (3-credit compulsory course as per Model Curriculum of AICTE); one of the core goals of this FDP is to facilitate the development of a conducive environment toward Holistic, Values based Education (HVBE) within institutions and this conducive environment will eventually help prepare the next generation of competent students/ citizens.

Registration Link: https://fdp-si.aicte-india.org/register1.php?detail1=430&detail2=north-west


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