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SLIET Strategic Society


To improve overall strategic development of students

Mentor Dr. Ravinder K. Saxena, (Head T&P) 
Mob. no.: 92162-20006
e-Mail: rks@sliet.ac.in
Faculty Advisor Dr. Manoj Goyal, Associate Professor (Mech. Engg.) 
Mob. no.: 98159-80322
e-Mail: manojsliet@yahoo.com
Mr. Navneet Goyal, (ATPO) (Mech. Engg.) 
Mob. no.: 97794-88600
e-Mail: navneetgoyal@sliet.ac.in
Student Coordinators Ankit Kumar (GME/2030736)
Mob. no.: 62050-76164
e-Mail: 2030736@sliet.ac.in
Priyanshu Verma (GME/2030720)
Mob. no.: 81309-53109
e-Mail: 2030720@sliet.ac.in
Anish Kumar (GME/2030726)
Mob. no.: 73475-09725
e-Mail: 2030726@sliet.ac.in


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