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Indian Society for Technical Education(ISTE)


  • To provide platform for students to showcase their talents especially on technical fields.
  • To provide training to the students and encouraging innovation and excellence in students.
  • To enhance student’s professional ideals & standards
Faculty Advisor Mr. Harish Arya, A.P. (Mech.)
Mobile No. +91 9988525366
Email Id: arya.iitr@gmail.com


Club Activities:

Engineer Day on Dated 16.09.2022


Activity Report 2018-19

1. Hostel Quiz
2. Brain Storming
3. Departmental Face-off
4. Tech-Auction

2. Brain Storming

Main things is that, play with mind.
Group type event with 3-4 members
# Round 1 {Quizmaniya}
Questions are in quiz type in group
# Round 2 {Multimedia(Audio $ Video Round)}
# Round 3 {Verbal Questioning Round}
Different type of Question are verbally asked related to Science $ technology.
# Round 4 {Talent or Decided Round}

After All three round Completed, to Decide the winner this round held…

3. Departmental Face-off

It is the competition between all the departments. Each dept. has 10 selected students on the basis of screening round.
Then, these 10 students represent their dept. in competition.
The Score will display on display board every day.
# Round 1 {SCREENING QUIZ (Pre-Event)}
On the basis of quiz, 10 students were selected from each dept.
#Round 2 {PRACTICAL KNOWDLEDGE (On Tech-fest)}
Face to Face.(oral type)
Questions are based on practical knowledge of their respective department.
#Round 3 {Theory Knowledge}
Questions are based on theory of their respected dept.
#Round 4 {General Round}
Questions is open to all related to GK $ GS.
After every round their open session round in which any student of their dept. take part to rise their dept.


In this event ever student who participate allotte some credit…that they use at all
booth or stall …..now the stalls are related to all the types like computer science stalls
Ec ee etc ….at all stalls there is some kind of competition will be there that they have to
take on bt by giving there credit that we already given them….in such a manner all the
participants move to all the stalls and earn as much bucks they can…yes at every
successfully completing there work that is at stall we will provide them bucks according
to the competition type …and that bucks that they are earning will be use at the last
…in auction where they avail there bucks to buy there winning gift …
so clearly those who earn more are the winner
Participants types(ICD/UG/PG):-ICD & UG
Rules of Event:-3 or 2 or 1 participant are allowed..nd rest of the rule will be explained
at the time of event
Judgement criteria:- who buy the winning gift is the winner

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