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Happy Club

Faculty Advisor Dr. Arvind Jayant


Smile is something that makes you to be unique. There are many languages on earth
but Smile is something that speaks them all. This club is dedicated to all those who want to be
keep smiling and want to share that smile with you.
Happy Club is the social and literary intra-university club of SLIET UNIVERSITY
located in Longowal village District: Sangrur, Punjab. It is purely run by students of university
under the supervision of higher authority.
The club works on the theme “SPREAD SMILE” and club is moving towards happiness. The
club is strictly oriented with its theme and growing qualitatively. The committee consists of
certain volunteers throughout the institute; these volunteers are elected by the higher authorities
according to their interests and skills. All are willing to take initiative and shows the positive
response towards the work assigned. Works are properly distributed according to capability of
the students.
The club does social works in contiguous villages and NGOs around the university and
organizes various competitive activities and events to refresh the minds of students such as
campus. The club collects the reusable materials from the students and donates to needy
peoples. The funds collected in various events and activities are used to run the club and donate
to needy persons.
In year 2016, an initiative was taken by happy club to educate the underprivileged kids of
the labours and other construction workers. This move was named as koshish–ek nayi udaan
ki. Under this kids were not only learning but also admitted in the local school. This move is
regarded as a most appreciated work for a noble cause.

Activities of Happy Club during the Session 2018-2019

Social Fest 2019

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