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“Sviesa is an amateur Photography and Media club focused on nurturing talent and setting standards in photography mechanics and movie dynamics. We aim to explore photography as a visual language, offering a platform for members to learn, share, and express their art. Our mission is to harness the power of visual storytelling through photography and film. Beyond capturing moments, we also cover college events, sports, and cultural festivals, aiming to immortalize the spirit of college life and provide a platform for students to relive their memorable experiences”



To become a media house known at the national level for its content, where people can learn about various disciplines of multimedia and different methods of creating content. To be a nationally recognized media house for diverse multimedia content and content creation methods, fostering learning. Be a nationally recognized media house, enabling learning and exploration of multimedia disciplines and content creation methods.



 We aim to captivate audiences with exceptional content, encourage exploration of multimedia disciplines, and set storytelling standards. Our united community nurtures creativity and knowledge. To work with the demands of media eccentric world and represent our institute on the national level in terms of quality of media produced. To enable curious individuals to upskill themselves in various disciplines of content creation and management.


Contact Details
Faculty Advisor Dr. Ajay Pal Singh, Professor (ECE)
Mobile No. +91 94171 06644
Email Id: –
Convenor Sudhanshu Kumar
Mobile No. +91 74880 78452
Email Id: –
Co-Convenor Abhishu Shakya
Mobile No. +91 74558 71768
Email Id: –
Guddu Kumar
Mobile No. +91 95727 24265
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Photography is the artistic practice of crafting enduring visuals through the capture of light, achieved using cameras. This process involves recording light patterns using various camera mechanisms, resulting in the creation of enduring images that encapsulate moments, emotions, and stories.

Photo clicked by Sviesa (Madhuram 2k22) Administrative Block image clicked by Sviesa


Cinematography is the captivating art of capturing dynamic moments on electronic media. Our creative lens brings events to life, transforming them into mesmerizing aftermovies. From the vibrant Republic Day and Independence Day Celebrations to the energetic pulse of Madhuram Annual Fest and the innovation buzz of techFEST – we weave compelling narratives. Among our major creations is the immersive SLIET Campus Tour, a visual journey into the heart of our institution. Additionally, we craft engaging Fresher’s Intro videos, welcoming new faces to our spirited community.

Campus Tour Video released by Sviesa
Join our monthly podcast where every student and member of the SLIET family is warmly invited to share their stories, preserving memories for eternity. From campus anecdotes to inspiring journeys, we celebrate the diverse voices of our community – students, faculty, alumni, and more. Let’s weave a rich tapestry of the SLIET experience together, creating a cherished narrative that reflects our shared journey.”
Graphic Design
At Sviesa, we’re graphic design masters, transcending aesthetics to convey ideas powerfully. Our skilled designers merge creativity, technical finesse, and communication insights. We meticulously curate every detail—typography, colors, layout—for specific impact. With us, visuals aren’t just seen; they’re felt, leaving a lasting mark. From logos to interfaces, we tailor solutions to your needs, crafting strong identities that resonate with precision and flair.”
Content Writing
At Sviesa, we’re the architects of visual storytelling. Our graphic design expertise transforms ideas into impactful messages. With an artistic blend of creativity and technical finesse, our skilled team crafts visuals that resonate. Every detail, from typography to imagery, serves a purpose. Whether it’s a captivating logo, compelling marketing materials, or an intuitive user interface, we bring concepts to life with precision. Trust us to create a visual identity that speaks to your audience, leaving a lasting impression.



1. Photowalk

Experience the world through a new lens with Sviesa’s captivating photowalks. Guided by our photography enthusiasts, these walks offer a unique blend of art and exploration. Join us as we navigate picturesque landscapes, urban gems, and hidden corners, all while refining your photography skills. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, our photowalks promise inspiration, camaraderie, and the chance to capture moments that tell stories.

2. Photo Exhibition

Sviesa recently curated a captivating Photo Exhibition that transformed our campus into a gallery of visual narratives. The event, a testament to our dedication to the art of photography, showcased a diverse collection of images that captured emotions, stories, and moments frozen in time. The exhibition provided a platform for both amateur and seasoned photographers within our community, fostering creativity and inspiring conversations. With each photograph, we celebrated the power of storytelling through imagery, leaving a lasting impact on all attendees.”



1. Campus Tour, SLIET

Sviesa embarked on a transformative cinematic journey with a meticulously crafted Campus Tour video of SLIET College. This immersive experience captured the essence of campus life, academic excellence, and vibrant camaraderie. The video resonated deeply with viewers, offering prospective students and stakeholders a vivid insight into the institution’s offerings. With stunning visuals and insightful narratives, the video left an indelible mark, attracting positive feedback and igniting a strong sense of pride among the SLIET community.

2. Jamming

Sviesa orchestrated a harmonious celebration on World Photography Day with a captivating Jamming Eve. The event brought together photography enthusiasts from our college to share their passion for visual storytelling. Through engaging discussions, photo showcases, and collaborative sessions, participants immersed themselves in the art of photography. The event’s success was evident in the vibrant energy, enthusiastic participation, and meaningful connections forged among attendees. This celebration marked another impactful milestone in Sviesa’s dedication to fostering a community of creative minds.

3. Anjana-Anjani

Sviesa orchestrated a remarkable Jamming Eve on the convocation day of SLIET 2022, creating an unforgettable musical experience. The event brought together students, faculty, and staff in a joyous celebration of academic achievements. The vibrant performances, heartfelt melodies, and camaraderie filled the campus with a palpable energy. The success of the event was evident in the enthusiastic participation, the unity it fostered, and the lasting memories created. Sviesa once again demonstrated its commitment to creating memorable moments that resonate throughout the SLIET community.



  1. Departmental Tour

Step into the captivating world of SLIET’s departments with Sviesa’s exclusive departmental tour. Join us as we take you on a visual journey, delving into the unique and fascinating aspects of each department within our esteemed institute.


  1. Different Clubs Tour of Our Club

Embark on an exciting tour of the various clubs within Our Club as Sviesa takes you on a captivating journey through their unique offerings and vibrant atmospheres. Join us as we explore the diverse range of clubs that make up the fabric of our dynamic community.


  1. Quarterly- A digital hotography magazine

Discover ‘Quarterly’: Sviesa’s captivating digital photography magazine. Dive into visual storytelling with breathtaking photos, insightful articles, and exclusive interviews, elegantly packaged in digital form. Each issue whisks you to diverse global corners, presenting talented photographers’ awe-inspiring captures—from stunning landscapes to evocative portraits and thought-provoking documentaries. Interact and immerse yourself in the digital experience—flip pages, zoom, and engage with multimedia, accessible on all devices. Let ‘Quarterly’ leave an indelible impression as it transports, enlightens, and captivates your senses, celebrating the beauty of visuals.


Saumitra Dwivedi GEC/2040219
Sidharth Shukla GCS/2130484
Sandeep Kumar GME/2130711
Rishabh Kant GCT/2130010
Jayant Padmakar Bachhav GME/ 2130326
Manish Gupta GME/2040423
Deepak Kumar CDE/2110240
Rohan Patro GME/2140413
Laukik Salvi GCT/2140019
Vedika GEC/2140208
Mayank Kishor GME/2140381
Neharika Puri GCT/2140010
Ankur Mishra GEC/2140202
Jasman Kaur CDE/2110271
Siddhant Kumar CDE/2010229
Rakesh Kumar GCT/2232058
Kumar Kirti CTD/2110759
Asmit Ayank CDE/2110234
Granthick Sarkar CFP/2215038
Sai Jagannath Gunda GFT/2140052
Priyanshu Kumar CDE/2110241
Amit Kumar CPT/2212008


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