Heartfulness Science Spirituality Club

Spreading the ideals of peace and harmony by the means Heartfulness Meditation, Relaxation and a value based life, in an experiential and scientific way.

Contact Information
Faculty Advisor  Dr. Manoj Kumar Sachan, Prof. (CSE)
Mobile No: 9463067527
Email Id: manojsachan@sliet.ac.in
Faculty Co-Advisor Dr. Jagdeep Singh, AP (CSE)
Mobile No: 9458729314
Email Id: jagdeep@sliet.ac.in
Faculty Co-Coordinator Dr. Gulshan Jawa, AsP (CE)
Dr. Pratibha Tyagi, AsP (EIE)
Mentor Sh. Vinod Kataria
Sh. Ramnik Aggarwal
Sh. Rakesh Jotiyana
Coordinators Udit Sharma (Coordinator)
Rohit Singh (Co-Coordinator)
Swati Bisht (Coordinator)
Avneet Kaur (Co-Coordinator)


Club Activities:

Heartfulness Science and Spirituality Club, SLIET Longowal (HSSC) conducted heartfulness sessions from 12 to 14 Sept. for first year Diploma students. Sr. Puneet Raikhy from Mansa, Br. Ajay Garg from Barnala, Sh. Vinod Kataria from SLIET also participated. Dean (SW) Prof. Rajesh attended all sessions. Our Director Prof. Shailendra Jain also attended the last session.



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