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Endeavour Society provides students in SLIET with a platform to get themselves involved in various robotics projects and innovations. Endeavour encourages the students to uplift their skills in almost all required domains as robotics involves an interdisciplinary study of circuital, mechanical and computer science engineering. Associating the members in different workshops and competitions like Techfest, E-yantra, and IDRL provides them with a challenging and positively competitive environment. Sessions on robotics requisites such as CAD Designing, programming and electronics are taken up by the senior members. The team’s alumni organize lectures on industrial knowledge and applications of Robotics.



  1. To strengthen students’ robotics skills through sessions and hands-on equipment.
  2. To link them in building projects that find applications in real-life society’s utility.
  3. Students get internship opportunities in IITS through E-yantra and other projects.


Faculty Advisor Dr. Amrik Singh, Associate Professor (Mech. Engg.) 
Mob. no.: 94630-67535
e-Mail: hanspalamriksingh@gmail.com
Faculty Mentor Dr. Ajat Shatru Arora, Professor (EIE)
Mobile No.
Email Id: –
Student Coordinators G Sai Harsh
Regn. No. GME/2040383
Mobile No. 8085692977
Email: 2040383@sliet.ac.in
Utsav Anand
Regn. No. GEE/2130660
Mobile No. 8968343016
Email: 2130660@sliet.ac.in


Club Activities:

Upcoming Endeavour
Team Endeavour conducted a workshop on Aeromodelling in collaboration with Skyclan RC in offline mode in SLIET on the 27th and 28th of April 2022. The workshop began with an introduction to fundamental concepts of aerodynamics, control systems, and flight mechanics. It was concluded with participants fueled by their flight experience and knowledge gained during the workshop.
Glimpse of Conjoin 2021 & 2022:
Notable alumni who have achieved exceptional success in their respective fields were invited as guest speakers, offering valuable insights and inspiring stories of their journeys. Their presence motivated and encouraged attendees to pursue their passion, take risks, and strive to create a difference in their own lives and careers.

Alumni Meet during Tryst’23 IIT Delhi:
The team participated in several events namely Lingo de Tryst, Formula Loop, Rube Goldberg Machine Making, Bugsmash, Jenga, Cipher Decipher, and UI/UX designing, and attended a cybersecurity workshop and a guest lecture by Paavan Nanda at Tryst’23 IIT Delhi. Team Members got the opportunity to meet the founders of the team. Who are currently pursuing their PhD from IIT DELHI.
Team participation in Technex’23 IIT BHU:
Technex is Asia’s oldest Techno-Management fest of IIT BHU. The team have participated in Technex’23 IIT BHU and won laurels in the following events:
● ROBOWAR ( 15Kg category): 3rd position
● BUILD IT: 1st position
● MOMENTUM: 1st position
● MAZE X: 2nd position
● BRIDGE THE GAP: 1st & 3rd position
Team ENDEAVOUR has secured 21 positions in the techFEST’22 and 13 positions in the techFEST’23.

Team’s Projects which are funded by Institute Innovation Cell (IIC):

The IIC has been a platform for aspiring innovators to showcase their groundbreaking ideas. Unleashing innovation our team presented project ideas namely, Earth’s Docker, Advanced PID controlled high speed line following robot, Advanced coconut harvester and Terrain mapping using drone for agriculture.

Summer Bootcamp:

A 5-day summer boot camp was organized from June 7th to June 11th, focusing on building students’ foundation in Python programming and covering topics such as basic programming concepts, data types, control structures, functions, object-oriented programming, and other fundamental aspects of Python.


Every Year, the team participates in the technical fest organized by the institute, i.e, techFEST, through collaborative teamwork and relentless dedication, we brought our ideas to life, and the team participated and won laurels in several events like Electromate, Arduino Imagino, Designare, Jarvis Cup, Margdarshak, Reconnaissance, Fabriquer and Udyam.

E-Yantra IIT Bombay Robotics Competition:

Eyantra provides a platform for students to participate in robotics competitions and project-based learning. The team has been participating in the same every year. Our team has secured 5th position among the all teams that participated in E-Yantra in 2021, finished in the top 20 in eYRC – 2021-22 and qualified for round 3rd in eYRC – 2022-23.

Interaction with Punjab’s government school students during their college visit:

Interacting with Punjab’s school students during their college visit team ENDEAVOUR encouraged by showing and explaining to them about the projects and many more things. The team made them familiar with Drones, LFR, Hovercraft and applications of the same that can help them to pursue their future endeavours.


S.No Name Of Student Branch/Reg. no. S.No Name Of Student Branch/Reg. no.
1. G Sai Harsh GME/2040383 25 Aarushi Jain GEC/2140210
2. Utsav Anand GEE/2130660 26 Neharika Puri GCT/2140010
3. Prashant Shahi GME/2130712 27 Pragya CWG/2110678
4. Shubham Tushar GME/2040391 28 Aditya Kumar Arya GEC/2243004
5. Abhigyan Prashar GEC/2040220 29 Akshit Raghav GIN/2234270
6. Ankit Kumar Singh GME/2130307 30 Mansur Ahmed Choudhury GFT/2245018
7. Salman Ahmed GME/2040397 31 Beauti Satyam GEE/2234153
8. Indra Kumar GIN/2234252 32 Brahmpati Rahul GCS/2241002
9. Shivam Yadav GME/2040373 32 Daksh Thakur GEE/2234103
10. Tushar Chandra GME/2040425 33 Neeraj Kumar GEE/2234174
11. Srinivas Basker GCS/2040115 34 Nikhil Kumar GEC/2243016
12. Nitish Kumar GME/2130738 35 Nikita Yadav GME/2246014
13. Naman Kulshresth GCS/2140101 36 Nisha Kumari GCT/2242012
14. Rudra Kumar Gandhi GCS/2140107 37 Pranoy Mukherjee GME/2246063
15. Kumar Sudhanshu Gupta GME/2236069 38 Rohinee Mall GIN/2140258
16. Mousum Sarmah GME/2140361 39 Sachin Tiwari GFT/2245014
17. Satyam Sharma GCS/2140144 40 Sakshi Choudhary GIN/2244216
18. Ravi Ranjan GCS/2140131 41 Shalini Choudhary GIN/2244215
19. Chandra Prakash Yadav GCS/2140147 42 Shekhar Shankhdhar GME/2236054
20. Alok Kumar Singh GEC/2140215 43 Aarushi Jain GEC/2140210
21. Pranjali Srivastava GEC/2140201 44 Neharika Puri GCT/2140010
22. Sumit Kumar GEE/2244116
23. Sumit Kunal GCS/2241056
24. Surbhi Kumari GEC/2140205


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