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SAEINDIA is an affiliate society of SAE International registered in India as an Indian non-profit engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of the mobility industry in India. SAE leads the aerospace, automotive, and ground vehicle industries in providing the tools and insights to help you launch a successful career.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) India SLIET Collegiate Club was established in April 2008 by the collective efforts of Prof. Shankar Singh and a group of students with a strong urge to complement the theoretical knowledge imparted in classrooms and emphasizing the practical aspects of engineering. Their idea was to develop an automotive culture, revolutionized the institute and SAE SLIET started with an initial strength of over 50 student members.

It provides a platform to student members for learning and innovating real engineering skills and encourages them to participate in different Collegiate Design Series (CDS) Events such as BAJA SAE INDIA, MEGA ATV CHAMPIONSHIP, ARAVALI TERRAIN VEHICLE CHAMPIONSHIP, SAE-NIS EFFICYCLE EVENT, ECO GREEN VEHICLE CHAMPIONSHIP (EGVC) and GO KART CHAMPIONSHIP. The club also provides a platform for students to share and increase their engineering know-how through increased interaction between students at all levels via group activity, lectures, workshops, brainstorming sessions, and many institute-level competitions. SAE club members are introduced to new people and opportunities through events to engage in real-world, hands-on learning and experience.

The club has brought many laurels to the institute and students have won prizes worth many lacs since 2009. The Mentor of the Club Prof. Shankar Singh has also been awarded Dhronacharya Award in Baja SAE India 2015 and Best Faculty Advisor (Dhronacharya Award) at SAE-NIS EFFICYCLE 2015.

One of the most important qualities of the SAE club is its diversity with students from almost all departments of the institute. Any passionate student at the institute from other departments can be a participating member of this society.

The club also has a strong alumni base working in leading automobile industries and abroad.



  1. To design, manufacture and test run the vehicles.
  2. To conduct competitions and provide first hand challenge to students for  preparing them for participation in National level events.
  3. To facilitate students in pursuing their passion while managing real life  demands and educational priorities.


Faculty Advisor Team Year of Inception
Prof. Shankar Singh
(Mechanical Engineering)
Mobile No. 9465251439



Club Activities:

1. Team ‘Junkyard Warriors’  –  Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shankar Singh 

JUNKYARD WARRIORS’ of SLIET was established in the year 2008 and since then it has participated in Baja SAE events. The team has been adjudged overall champions twice, amongst Engineering colleges all over India including IITs, NIITs, etc. Baja SAE event gives an environment of healthy competition, with a chance to enhance their Knowledge and Technical skills while having fun all along the way.

Here, students are encouraged to utilize knowledge gained in the classroom in order to come up with creative and innovative designs. Hands-on knowledge gained from the Baja project gives the team members a competitive edge.

The team ‘JUNKYARD WARRIORS’ comprises of 25 dedicated and automotive passionate engineering students from Sant Longowal Institute of Engg. & Tech., Punjab. It is the world of the future leaders who have already marked their position in motorsports. The primary objectives of (ATV) that meet the Baja Legislation and are safe, comfortable, inexpensive and aesthetically appealing.

The students’ members of “SAE India SLIET Collegiate Club” function as a team of design, fabricate, test, promote and compete with other vehicles. They generate financial support for their project and manage their educational priorities.

‘Junkyard Warriors’, an expeditious team, seeks your support to accelerate its pace to win. The team ‘Junkyard Warriors’ is under the guidance of proactive Faculty Advisor Prof. Shankar Singh, and has the support of SLIET, Longowal in form of fabrication facilities.

Last time the SLIET team participated in Baja SAE India 2020 (March 2020) and bagged ‘Pride of Punjab’ Award.

Team ‘Junkyard Warriors’ Achievements
Team ‘Green Rangers’ – Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shankar Singh 

Team ‘GREEN RANGERS’ of SLIET was established in the year 2014 and since then the team participates in EFFICYCLE-SAE NIS (Society of Automotive Engineers Northern India section). This Year’s team has been denoted overall champions, amongst Engineering colleges all over India including IITs, NITs, etc. The team is customized with a maximum capacity of 10 members. SAE NIS event grants an atmosphere of salubrious juxtaposition, with a chance to develop their acquaintance and technical skills while having fun all along the way.

“EFFI-CYCLE” derived from Efficient-Cycle promotes the objective of providing an opportunity to the students to conceive, design, and fabricate a three-wheel configuration vehicle powered by human-electric hybrid power and capable of seating two passengers catering to the day-to-day mobility needs. The vehicle must be aerodynamic, engineered for performance & safety, and ergonomically designed. The objective is to promote innovation and generate consciousness amongst the young engineers towards environment-friendly mobility solutions.

SAE NIS EFFI-CYCLE is an Intercollegiate design competition for undergraduate and graduate engineering students where a team of 6-10 students has to design and fabricate an energy-efficient Hybrid human-powered three-wheeled electric vehicle.

Participation of SLIET team “GREEN RANGERS’22” from Mechanical Engineering department in 13th Season of Efficycle 22, held at LPU, Jalandhar, in ‘Conventional Efficycle Segment’

Team ‘ Green Rangers’ Achievements
Team ‘Juggernauts’Faculty Advisor: Prof. Shankar Singh

SLIET team ‘JUGGERNAUTS’ comprising of student members has been participating in the following Go-kart Championship since 2014.  Karting is often hailed as the stepping stone for a motorsport hopeful. It offers a chance for them to test whether they are ready to take up racing as a professional career.

The premier championship /events that the team participates are:

  • Go Kart Design Challenge (GKDC)
  • Indian Karting Championship (IKC)
  • International Go-Kart Championship (IGC)

These championships are solely dedicated to promoting better engineering practices and motorsports all over India in order to provide an opportunity to the budding engineers to design, fabricate and conceive the go-kart breaking the traditional way and thinking out of the box.

Team ‘Juggernauts’ Achievements



Dr. Shankar Singh, Professor (Mechanical Engineering) is the Faculty Advisor of ‘SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) India SLIET Collegiate Club’ since its inception in Year 2008.’ Dr Shankar Singh as Faculty Advisor has been incessantly participating at BAJA SAE India, Efficycle and Go kart events, as Mentor/Faculty Advisor. He has been awarded DHRONACHARYA AWARD at Baja SAE India 2015 event (organised by SAE India) in February 2015 and DHRONACHARYA AWARD (BEST FACULTY ADVISOR) at Efficycle 2015 event (organised by SAE-Northern India Section) in October 2015.


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