Dr A. S. K. Sinha

Basic Details


Dr A. S. K. Sinha


Assistant Professor


Chemical Engineering


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Educational Details

Educational Qualification

M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from PTU, Jallandhar ( With Distinction and University Topper).
PhD. in Chemical Engineering from SLIET Longowal .



Eighteen years of teaching and research experiences as Assistant Professor in Department of Chemical Engineering, SLIET, Longowal. ( PG: 06 Years, UG: 16 Years)

Administrative Experience:
Five years of administrative experience as Warden of Boys Hostel.
Seven years of experience as chairman of department time -table committee.
Two years of experience as SENATE MEMBER(2014-2016)
One year of experience as BOM member.
Program coordinator of DCT.
Exam coordinator of chemical Engineering department(2016-2018).
Placement coordinator off chemical engineering department(2016-2017)
Lab Incharge of paper Technology Lab.

Book Authored

Book authored

1. Book Chapter titled “Neem (Azadirachta indica) as alternative wood fiber source with environmental advantages” published in PAPERCON 2008, TAPPI PRESS, USA , ISBN: 978-160560510-4.


Professional Memebership

Professional Membership

1. Life member of ISTE
2. Life member of Punjab Science Congress
3. Member of IPPTA.
4. member of Science Advisory Board
5. Life member of Indian Institution of Chemical Engineers (IICHE)



1. Chaired Technical Session in 6th Annual International Conference on Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Chemical Processes (CCECP 2018) in Singapore on 13th March 2018 Organized by Global Science and Technology Forum.
2. Distinction in M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)
3. IPPTA Scholarship in B.E.
4. Distinction in Mathematics in Intermediate Exam



Indexed Publications in Peer reviewed Journals :

1. Sinha, A. S. K. (2008) ‘Effects of pulverized coal fly ash addition as wet end filler in paper making’, TAPPI vol. 7, No. 9, pp. 3-7. (Listed as FEATURED Paper, included in Energy Citation Database, USA).
2. Sinha, A. S. K., Singh, M., Singh, S. P.(2010) ‘Study on Use of Non-Magnetic Fraction of Pulverized coal Fly ash As Filler in Specialty Paper Manufacturing’, IPPTA vol. 22, No. 2, pp. 117-120. (Listed as FEATURED Paper in India Environment Portal, National Knowledge Commission of India).
3. Sinha, A. S. K., Singh, M., Singh, S. P.(2011) ‘A Novel way of Utilization of pulverized coal fly ash and rice straw for laminate base paper’, JERAD vol. 5, No. 3A , pp. 706-716.
4. Jha Pushpa, Sinha A. S. K. (2011) ‘Application of rice straw as raw material for production of handmade paper’, IPPTA vol. 23, No. 2, pp. 145-148.
5. Sinha, A. S. K. (2011) ‘Study of bio-pulping process for use of rice straw as fibrous raw material in pulp and paper industry’, JERAD vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 239-244.
6. Sinha, A. S. K., Singh, M., Singh, S. P.(2012) ‘Acetic acid pulping and ECF bleaching of rice straw and effects of acid concentration on pulp characteristics’, IPPTA vol. 24, No. 2, pp. 151-157 7. Sinha, A. S. K. (2012) ‘Environment friendly removal of silica from wheat straw and Saccharum Munja using urea ’, IPPTA vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 165-168.
8. Prasad, K., Anil, A.,Singh, Y. Sinha, A.S.K. (2013) ‘Concentration dependent rheological behaviour of promising basmati and non basmati rice flour’, International Food Research Journal. vol. 20, no. 4, pp. 2005-2008.

Research papers presented in National/International Conference (2011 onward) :
1. Sinha, A. S. K. (2011), “Production of furfural and lignin as by-product of rice straw using catalyzed acetic acid pulping for paper industries” in international conference IICHE –Kochi, Kerala, Indian from March 10 -12, 2011.
2. Sinha, A. S. K. (2011), “Comparative study of properties of unbleached & bleached paper with fly ash loading as wet end filler using rice straw as fibrous cellulosic material” in national conference WMR –2011, SLIET, Longowal, Sangrur from December 09 -10, 2011.
3. Sinha, A. S. K. (2011), “Composites of cellulosic fibers as natural bio-polymer and silica obtained from rice straw using catalyzed acetic acid reaction for sustainable growth” in international conference on ‘multiphase polymers and polymer composite systems: From nanoscale to macro composites’, Universite Paris-Est Creteil, Paris, France from June 07 -10, 2011.

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