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    Website: Seminars/Short Term Courses/Summer Schools/Winter Schools organized 1. Four Workshops on Technology Upgradation in Welding for Rural Entrepreneurs (Workshop-I) sponsored by NIRI (National Institute of Rural Industrialization), Delhi, IIT, Delhi & SLIET, Longowal. (Responsibility held as Chief Coordinator) (Workshop-I from12/07/02 13/07/02), (Workshop-II from 09/10/02 to 10/10/02), (Workshop-III from 07/01/05 08/01/05) and (Workshop-IV from 27/05/06 to 28/05/06). 2. A two days workshop on Trends in Welding and Manufacturing research (TWMR-2016) under TEQIP-II, held from 13/10/2016 to 14/10/2016 (Responsibility held as Coordinator)
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    Website: www.sliet.ac.in Contribution as a Supervisor • Supervised 30 M. Tech. Thesis and presently supervising 03 more M. Tech. Projects. (Annexure-I) • Supervised over 50 Bachelor’s/Diploma level project work. • 05 Ph.D. Thesis supervision is going on. S. No. Degree Name of Student Registration No. Area of Research 1. Ph.D. Er. Gagandeep Singh PME-1602 Advanced Finishing Processes 2. Ph.D. Er.Arvind Tiwari PME-1603 Green Supply Chain Management 3. Ph.D. Er.Vivek Gupta PME-1604 Design & Development of Low carbon Supply Chains
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